King Tut Ankh Amon ( pronounced Amun)

As you know I love Egyptology so in this post I will share some facts about king Tut (Tut Ankh Amon). Now you may think Tut had no children, if so well than your wrong he had two stillborn daughters because of unstable genetics because of brother sister marriage.

Now you may know Tut as the “Boy King”,  well that’s also wrong most ancient Egyptians lived 16-20 years and Tut lived to 19 and ancient Egyptians reached maturity at 14 so therefor King Tut Ankh Amun was an adult.

Now finally about his last name Amun all Pharos would have had that last name because it referred to him being the son of the god Amun Re.




Camp Hanes

My experience at Camp Hanes was amazing. It started with getting on the buses. It was chaos. Once everyone got on the buses and we started moving I played D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) with my best friend Jon Evans. He battled a Mind Flayer. After that Mrs. Williams played the movie Madagascar for everybody. During the movie people were literally throwing each other Jolly Ranchers. After that, everyone sang some karaoke and then we finally arrived.

My favorite activity was canoeing. I was in a canoe with my friends Georgia and Chiara. In the beginning, Chiara was in the middle of the canoe then Georgia then me. Canoeing was hard because whenever you got too close to someone you would bump into them. My favorite spot in the canoe was the back because you could paddle much easier.

I’m proud that I went because I was very nervous about going. I have never been to a sleep away camp before which made me nervous. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be other than the metal rim around my bed and I wish I could also have done archery.


Finding Someplace Backpack


This summer I read a book called Finding Someplace. Finding Someplace is about a girl named Reesie who lived in New Orleans which got flooded during Hurricane Katrina. She was all alone in the house and she had to get everything into her backpack. She waited out the storm with the old lady that baked cakes and lived down the street. After the hurricane, she moved to New Jersey because everything in New Orleans was destroyed.

If I had to pack my backpack for a hurricane, I would bring a flashlight so I could see at night, a box of batteries for the flashlight, a phone to contact literally anyone, my family’s passports because that’s the only way to travel around the world and they’re expensive. I would also pack my wallet so I have money, two water bottles and some food so I can survive, a tent for shelter, and a lighter and candles for warmth. These are the things I would have in my backpack if I was in Hurricane Katrina. 

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